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Acorns – Invest Spare Change

Grow your oak!
With Acorns, it’s simple and secure to invest in your future, automatically. In fact, more than 2 million people are doing it! It only takes a few minutes. Ready to grow your oak?►FEATURES
○ Painlessly invest your spare change into a diversified portfolio of ETFs of over 7,000 stocks and bonds automatically
○ Easily invest more – with Recurring Investments (daily/weekly/monthly), One-Time Investments, Referrals, and Found Money!
○ Watch your progress – check in on your account from anywhere
○ SIPC Protected – up to $500,000 is protected against fraud so your money is secure
○ Stay educated – Gain access to our online personal finance publication, Grow Magazine
○ Withdraw anytime – at no charge.

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Ever thought about investing in the stock market but weren’t sure how to get started? With as little as $5 you can build wealth for yourself or help someone you know create a better future using the Stockpile app.

Featured in Consumer Reports, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC, the Stockpile stock investing app is the easiest, fastest way to learn how to buy stocks and ETFs. Choose from more than 1,000. You can buy Apple stock, buy Amazon stock, buy Disney stock or buy Tesla stock. Pay with cash, credit/debit card, or Apple Pay.

Invest $5, $10, $20 or $50 to start. We offer fractional shares so you can trade stocks for just the amount of money you want without having to buy a whole share. This makes every stock trade affordable for you, even the expensive blue chips. The earlier you start, the longer your savings have to grow! The Stockpile stock market trading app is the best way to invest your stash.

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Build your portfolio

Ever thought about investing in the stock market but weren’t sure how to get started? Featured in Consumer Reports, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC, Stockpile is the easiest, fastest way to invest in stocks and ETFs. We have more than 1,000 to choose from, including Apple, Facebook, Snap, and Tesla. Or invest in ETFs managed by experts like Fidelity, Vanguard, and Blackrock.

At Stockpile, you can buy fractional shares, which means you can invest just the amount of money you want without having to buy a whole share. This makes every stock affordable, even the blue chips. The earlier you start, the more time your investments have to grow!

Cash App

Pay your friends instantly, and cash out to your bank for FREE! Standard deposits show up the very next business day. You can also spend directly from the app with a free Visa debit card that can be delivered to your door.

Protected by 128-bit encryption and fingerprint scanning (or a passcode)

Optionally cash out to your bank in seconds for a 1% fee

Just link your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit card to transfer money


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Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save


Stash is investing, simplified. It’s easy to get started and learn the basics. Start with just $5 and do it yourself.

Protecting your identity and personal data is a top priority for Stash Invest. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your data including 256-bit encryption. Additionally, our custodian is an SEC registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA, NYSE, and SIPC. Securities in your account protected up to $500,000. For details, please see

Invest as little as $5 to start and gradually build your investments on Stash. Withdraw your money at any time. We let you buy fractional shares of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) so you can invest just the amount of money you can afford.

Learn how to invest with Stash. Our educational content will help you develop smarter financial habits. We provide simple savings and investment tips so that you can learn how to invest with greater confidence.

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Robinhood – Free Stock Trading

Investing your money is better than letting it sit in a savings account. Make your money work for you. Start trading today with no account minimums or brokerage fees.

Get. Free. Stock.
Stock is better when it’s free. Enough said. Refer friends and you both earn a free stock when they sign up! You could earn up to $500 of free stocks that include some of the most popular stocks on the market.

Don’t Get Shortchanged
Paying up to $10 per trade can add up fast and eat into your hard-won profits. Robinhood doesn’t charge you trading fees, so all those profits you earn are yours to keep!

Make it Rain
With no account minimums or trading fees, you can invest at any level. Whether it’s a $5,000 bonus or $5, you can start playing the market today.

Key to Success
Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to trading, Robinhood’s got all the stock data tools you need to stay on top: A stock watchlist you can personalize, stock news, and real-time market data with beautifully designed charts.

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.